5 Best kid-friendly things to do in Ocho Rios

Nestled on the scenic northern coast of Jamaica lies the paradise that is Ocho Rios. Reggae Beach and Rio Nuevo Bay make this port town an ideal getaway for Caribbean cruises. With its lush, tropical landscapes and laid-back, welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder why Ocho Rios has become such a popular destination.

When your vessel docks in Ocho Rios, the possibilities are endless! But not all activities are ideal for little ones. Fear not, however; there are plenty of Ocho Rios shore excursions that offer safe, fun, and family-friendly adventures for you to explore.

For those seeking to explore all that Jamaica’s beauty and culture has to offer, there are many Ocho Rios shore excursions that provide the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. From the thrill of waterfalls, swimming and zip lining through the jungle to the tranquil beauty of its history, we have compiled a list of the top five outings that are perfect for families.

1. Drive Through Fern Gully

Fern Gully’s lush rainforest is the perfect escape from the ordinary; boasting two hundred species of ferns and an abundance of exotic wildlife, it’s a sight to be seen! Exploring the rainforest can be easily done by car, making it the perfect addition to any Ocho Rios shore excursion. Take the road less travelled, and immerse yourself in a tropical paradise like no other!

2. Parks and Gardens

The port of Ocho Rios is just minutes away from a plethora of natural wonders, and guests can book exciting shore excursions that take them to a variety of stops. For those looking to get the most bang for their buck, the Shaw Park Gardens is a great choice – boasting 25 acres of lush greenery, it’s sure to capture the imagination!

For a unique experience, Coyaba River Gardens are a must-see! This beloved tourist spot is a mix of culture & nature’s spectacular beauty. Here, you can explore tiny creeks and gushing rivers, as well as the garden’s most remarkable feature – the serene water garden.

For those that prefer to stay close to port, a visit to Turtle Park is the perfect way to get a taste of Jamaica without spending too much. A mere ten minute drive away, it offers an unforgettable experience of the lush Jamaican environment without having to journey too far.

3. Cave Tour

If you’re in the mood for something besides the same old vividly-hued flowers and thundering cascades, then why not indulge in Jamaica’s other wonderful nature offerings? Limestone-formed caves offer up stunning rock formations that enthrall sightseers, and the majestic Green Grott is an awe-inspiring experience.

Young ones may grumble about embarking on yet another nature trek, however, they may be pleasantly surprised at the thrilling delights that await them in these mysterious Ocho Rios caves. Here they may find an abundance of bats, a rare sight in the depths of these damp and shadowy caverns.

4. Ocho Rios Pottery Art Gallery

Head to the art gallery in Ocho Rios to take home a unique and meaningful memento from your family cruise. Not only will you find a plethora of incredible, locally crafted handiwork, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn how the lovely pottery of the island is made! Shopping encouraged!

Exploring the picturesque town of Ocho Rios is a great way to experience the Jamaican way of life. From visiting the art gallery to finding some unique keepsakes at the local shops, and maybe even taking a break for some delicious local cuisine, you can have a wonderful time on a leisurely shore excursion.

5. Prospect Plantation

Embodying an exotic, jungle-like atmosphere and a laid-back lifestyle, Jamaica is renowned for its impressive array of historical properties – an ideal getaway for any adventurous explorer.

Amid the lush landscape of Ocho Rios stands a bevy of grand homes, yet certain dwellings stand apart from the rest, commanding attention with tales of adventure, love, and bygone eras. Join us on a guided tour to explore these celebrated estates and experience a unique side of the island.

One such place is the Prospect Plantation where you can soak up the magnificent scenery on a jitney ride or marvel at the breathtaking views of the white river. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll around the grounds or a unique sightseeing experience, this plantation has something for everyone.

At Prospect Plantation, horseback rides are a popular option for Ocho Rios shore excursions, but kids will find something even more magical here – the aviary! An enchanting haven of bright, beautiful butterflies that will capture the imagination of young minds.