jamaican oxtail with rice and peas

Do you love Caribbean food? Are you looking for a new recipe to try? Then look no further than this classic Jamaican oxtail with rice and peas! Not only is it flavorful and delicious, but it’s also easy to make. So if you’re ready to give it a try, keep reading to learn how!



Jamaican Oxtail is a classic Jamaican dish with European origins. It is a delicious, easy to make stew that is traditionally served with rice and peas as a side dish. This hearty meal can be cooked in a pressure cooker or slow cooked in the oven for an even more flavourful result. The main ingredients of this recipe are Jirie Oxtail Seasoning, butter beans, rum and seasonings such as thyme and scallions. Enjoy this comforting meal on its own or serve it with other sides for a complete dinner.


In this Jamaican-inspired oxtail recipe, we’ll be using a few key ingredients to create a mouthwatering meal. We will need 3 teaspoons of Jirie Oxtail Seasoning, 2kg of oxtail stew, 2 cups of rice, 2 lbs of chopped oxtails, white onions, fresh thyme, scotch bonnet pepper (or habanero pepper), coconut milk and browning sauce. We’ll also need pimento (allspice), ginger and butterbean for additional flavour.

To begin our recipe we’ll first mise en place our ingredients by chopping the onions, garlic and scotch bonnet/habanero pepper and removing the seeds. Then in a large pot over medium heat we’ll add the oxtails and Jirie Oxtail Seasoning and stir until the oxtails are nicely coated with seasoning. Once everything has been stirred together allow it to boil for 5 minutes before adding in the other ingredients. Add in chopped onions, sprigs of fresh thyme, scotch bonnet pepper (or habanero pepper) and coconut milk then let it simmer on low heat for an hour or two until it becomes tender. After that add in butterbean, browning sauce and remaining spices then cook for another 15 minutes or so until everything is well combined.

Once all the cooking is done serve your delicious Jamaican-style oxtails with some fragrant rice and peas for a truly flavourful meal!

Preparing the Oxtail

Prepping oxtail is a great way to make a delicious meal for your family. To properly prepare oxtail, you’ll need 3 teaspoons of Jirie Oxtail Seasoning and 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter. Begin by heating the butter in a skillet over medium-high heat and adding the oxtail, cooking it until browned on all sides. Then add the seasoning, peppers and beans and cover the skillet with a lid. Allow it to cook for 10 minutes, then uncover it and let the sauce thicken before serving with rice or other sides. Alternatively, you can pressure cook the oxtail for about 2 hours to save time on cooking.

Marinating the Oxtail

Marinating the oxtail is an important step in ensuring that your dish is packed full of flavour and tenderness. To marinate the oxtail, you will need Jirie Oxtail Seasoning, which can be found in most supermarkets or online. Start by seasoning the oxtail generously with the Jirie Oxtail Seasoning and let it rest in a shallow dish or container for 6-8 hours if possible to infuse all the flavours into the meat. After marinating, you can brown or sear the meat before adding it to a pressure cooker with beef broth, ketchup, butter and other spices such as thyme and pimento (allspice). Cook for approximately 2 hours until tender to complete your delicious Jamaican-style oxtail stew!

Cooking the Oxtail

Cooking oxtail is a great way to make a delicious and hearty meal that everyone can enjoy. Oxtail is best cooked low and slow, so it’s important to be patient when preparing this dish. To get the most flavorful dish, try seasoning the oxtail with Jirie Oxtail Seasoning before cooking. You can either cook it on the stove top for 3-3.5 hours until it’s tender or you can put it in a slow cooker for 8-10 hours. Before serving, add some butter and create a cornstarch slurry to thicken the sauce. Serve your oxtail with white rice, rice and peas, roti or fried plantains for an amazing meal!

Boiling Rice & Peas

Boiling rice and peas is a classic Caribbean dish that is the perfect accompaniment to many proteins. This recipe uses long grain rice, red kidney beans (peas), peppers, butter and Jirie oxtail seasoning for maximum flavor! Start by boiling the red kidney beans in salted water until they are tender. Then add in the peppers and long grain rice to the pot with a lid covering it. Once everything is in the pot, season it with Jirie oxtail seasoning and butter for added flavor. Finally, let it cook on low heat for 10 minutes covered and then 6 minutes uncovered until all the liquid has been absorbed by the rice and peas. Serve this delicious side dish with your favorite protein like jerk chicken, curried dishes or Bajan fishcakes from CICC – you’ll go nuts for this flavorful combination!

Making a Sauce for the Oxtail

Making a delicious and flavorful sauce for your Jamaican oxtail is easy. Start by seasoning your oxtails with Jirie Oxtail Seasoning, salt, black pepper, paprika, allspice, onion powder, garlic powder, ginger powder and dried thyme leaves. Then add brown sugar, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce to give the oxtails an extra flavor boost. Finally finish off with some butter and browning sauce to thicken the gravy. Serve this delicious dish with rice or plantains for a complete meal.

Serving Suggestions

Jamaican Oxtail with Rice and Peas is a delicious and hearty dish that can be enjoyed any time of the year. The oxtails are cooked until they are tender in a savory sauce, then served with creamy rice and peas for an extra burst of flavor. This dish is great for special occasions or just a weeknight dinner. For the best results, pair it with some authentic Jamaican sides such as rum punch, freshly tossed salad, white rice or traditional Jamaican rice and peas. Enjoy!

Sauteing Vegetables to Accompany The Meal

Sauteing Vegetables to Accompany The Meal

Sauteing vegetables to accompany your meal is a great way to make your meal even more flavorful and nutritious. Whether you’re preparing a traditional Jamaican oxtail recipe or any other type of dish, sautéing vegetables is an easy way to up the health benefits of your meal. Sauteing is also a great way to add flavor complexity and texture to your dish.

When sautéing vegetables, it’s important to select the right type of oil for the job. Depending on the type of vegetable, some oils are better suited than others. For instance, olive oil works well with most vegetables but may burn at high temperatures. If you want something with a higher smoke point, then opt for canola or coconut oil.

Once you’ve chosen your oil, heat it in a large skillet over medium-high heat until shimmering but not smoking. Add in the vegetables and season with salt and pepper (or any other spices). Stir occasionally so that all sides are cooked evenly until they are tender-crisp or fully cooked depending on what your recipe calls for.

Once cooked through, you can serve them alongside any protein dish such as jerk oxtails with rice and peas or salmon steaks with mashed potatoes. The result? A delicious and healthy side dish that will take any meal from ordinary to extraordinary!

Considerations When Eating Jamaican Oxtail with Rice & Peas

Considerations When Eating Jamaican Oxtail with Rice & Peas

Jamaican oxtail with rice and peas is a traditional dish that is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. It is usually served with a side of white rice, but it can also be paired with other accompaniments such as roti or fried plantains. For those who are unfamiliar with the dish, it consists of tender oxtails cooked in a flavorful gravy and served over creamy Jamaican-style rice and peas.

When eating this delicious meal, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, you should ensure that the oxtails are cooked to perfection; they should be tender enough to easily fall off the bone. Secondly, the gravy should be rich and flavorful. Thirdly, the rice should be cooked properly so that each grain is full of flavor and has a creamy texture. Finally, make sure to serve your Jamaican oxtail with an appropriate accompaniment such as roti or fried plantains for an extra layer of flavor and texture.

Overall, Jamaican oxtail with rice and peas is an incredibly tasty dish that will transport you to the Caribbean when you take your first bite!

Tips for Adding Flavor to Jamaican Dishes

Adding flavor to Jamaican dishes is an easy and enjoyable process that can take your cooking to the next level. Jamaicans have a long-standing tradition of using spices, herbs, and other ingredients to bring out the best in their food. Here are some tips for adding flavor to your favorite Jamaican dishes:

1. Use aromatic spices such as allspice, pimento (allspice), ginger, thyme, nutmeg, and scotch bonnet pepper for enhanced flavor.

2. Use browning sauce or dark sugar for added sweetness and depth of flavor.
3. Try using a combination of fresh herbs such as garlic, onion, escallion (green onions), parsley, thyme and cilantro for an aromatic background flavor.

4. Add diced tomatoes or tomato paste to deepen the complexity of flavors in your dish.
5. Use flavorful meats such as oxtail or beef stew meat to add richness and depth of flavors in stews or curries.

6. Simmering sauces with coconut milk will add creaminess and nuttiness to a dish that can’t be found with other liquids like water or broth alone.

7. Finally, don’t forget about adding sweeteners like honey or molasses for a sweet finish that will make your dishes stand out!

Pairings To Enjoy With Jamaican Oxtail with Rice & Peas

Pairings To Enjoy With Jamaican Oxtail with Rice & Peas

Jamaican oxtail with rice and peas is one of the most popular dishes of Jamaican cuisine. This mouth-watering combination of flavors is perfect for any special occasion or weekend gathering. Oxtail, cooked with bold spices, is tender and juicy, while the creamy and flavorful rice and peas brings it all together. Best enjoyed with a side salad or traditional accompaniments like white rice or rice and peas, this dish is sure to please your guests! For an added kick, try pairing it with jerk chicken, curry goat or fish soup to make sure you get the full experience of authentic Jamaican flavors.

Substitutions For Traditional Ingredients in Jamaican Cuisine

Substitutions For Traditional Ingredients in Jamaican Cuisine

Are you looking to switch up your traditional Jamaican cuisine recipes? With modern diets, it is important to make substitutions to traditional ingredients in order to maintain the same flavors and still get the same results. Luckily, there are plenty of substitutes that can be used when cooking Jamaican dishes.

For example, oxtail is a common ingredient in many Jamaican recipes. Often it is paired with rice and peas for a classic dish. Oxtail can be replaced with goat meat for a similar texture and flavor without sacrificing any of the deliciousness. Additionally, red kidney beans are commonly used in Jamaica rice and peas recipes; however, butterbeans can be substituted for a similar taste and texture.

Similarly, plantains are a popular side dish that goes well with many main dishes like jerk chicken or oxtails. To switch things up, fried or steamed cabbage can also be served as an accompaniment instead of plantains for an equally delicious dish. Coconut rice is another great side dish as well as rice pilaf; both of which pair perfectly with jerk chicken or oxtails if you’re looking for something different than the classic white or brown rice option.

No matter what substitutions you make while cooking your favorite Jamaican dishes, they will always taste just as good!


Jamaican Oxtail with Rice & Pease is a traditional and delicious dish that can be enjoyed as a meal or side dish. The oxtails are cooked until they become tender and then served with creamy rice or rice and peas. This Caribbean favorite is full of flavor, making it a great addition to any dinner table. To make this tasty recipe, start by seasoning the oxtails before browning them in a pan. Then add your favorite seasonings, vegetables and liquid to create a flavorful stew. Lastly, fold butter beans into the stew and top with scallions for added flavor. Serve this savory dish with white rice or traditional Jamaican rice and peas for an amazing dining experience!