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Are you looking for a great new place to find books? Are you tired of the same selection at your local bookstores? If so, then Kingston Bookshop is the perfect solution. With a wide selection of titles and genres, you’re sure to find something that will interest you. Come check out our store today and see what we have in store!

Introduction to Kingston Bookshop

Introduction to Kingston Bookshop

Welcome to Kingston Bookshop, Jamaica’s premier retailer for books and stationery for over 50 years! We are proud to have grown from a small team in 1974 to almost 200 staff members today. Our headquarters is located at 74 King Street in Kingston and you can reach us by phone at 876-922-7016 or by email.

At Kingston Bookshop, we offer everything you need in the world of books, stationery, electronics and gifts. You can find our stores located at 70b King Street downtown Kingston; Shop #23 Pavilion Mall Half Way Tree Kingston 10; and 74 King Street in Kingston.

We are the Caribbean’s leading supplier of educational textbooks and other school supplies. Our flagship store located at 70b King Street offers the best prices on textbooks for all grade levels from primary school through university level courses.

Our mission is to provide our customers with an unbeatable selection of quality products that meet their reading, writing and electronic needs while offering outstanding customer service with every purchase. We invite you to visit any one of our stores to experience the best shopping experience around!

History of the Store

For almost 50 years, Kingston Bookshop has been Jamaica’s premier retailer of books and stationery. It began with a small team in 1974 and has since grown to include 200 staff members. The company now operates seven stores, six located in Kingston and one in Spanish Town which opened in June 2005.

The company was founded by philanthropist and entrepreneur Ferdie, who set up his first store on Harbour Street in 1968 – the largest bookstore in the Caribbean and South America at the time. The stores offer books, stationery, electronics and gift items, as well as a 10 square foot RightClick store at each of the six Kingston-based outlets.

Since 1974, Kingston Bookshop has been providing Caribbean people with books & Stationery all over Jamaica. With 8 stores across Kingston, they are your one stop shop for everything you need to know! And with Christmas just around the corner they have plenty of gifts for the kids in your life – available both instore or online!

Types of Books Available

Kingston Bookshop is your one-stop shop for all your book needs! Whether you’re looking for textbooks, reference books, fiction or non-fiction books, we have a wide selection of titles available. From Bible stories to Oxford dictionaries and more, Kingston Bookshop has something for everyone. We also offer stationery, electronics and gift items so you can find everything you need in one convenient location. Visit us today at our 8 stores spread across Kingston or shop online from the comfort of your home!

Special Orders for Customers

At Kingston Bookshop, we offer our customers a special order service for those hard-to-find items. Whether you’re looking to stock your bookshop, pharmacy or small store in bulk, or just need to find a special item for yourself, we can help. Our customer-friendly system allows customers to fax in their orders and pick up their items at our store. We also offer email and WhatsApp ordering with delivery straight to your door! Our wide selection of books includes school supplies, textbooks, children’s books, cooking & beverage books, Jamaican & Caribbean heritage novels and law books. With our Special Order Service you can find the perfect item for any occasion. So don’t wait any longer – order now from Kingston Bookshop!

Events and Promotions at the Store

At Kingston Bookshop, we are proud to provide Caribbean people with books and stationery since 1974. We offer special discounts on select items throughout our 8 stores located across Kingston. Our events and promotions include activities, refreshments, give-a-ways and more! We also make donations to many schools and charities for special events and activities at discounted rates. During our 40th anniversary awards banquet held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston, we celebrated by recognizing Grace McLean (left).

We strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all of our customers. We invite you to come visit us in store or online where you can browse our selection of books & stationery. Whatever occasion you’re shopping for – be it a birthday, holiday or just because – we have something special for everyone!

Collection of Rare and Vintage Books

Collection of Rare and Vintage Books

Are you looking for a truly unique book to add to your collection? Then look no further than the Collection of Rare and Vintage Books! From illuminated manuscripts to fine press editions, limited editions and miniature books, you’ll find something special that will make an excellent addition to your library. Whether it’s a gift for someone special or just something you would like to treasure yourself, these rare and vintage books are sure to delight.

Visit Sangster’s Book Store in Kingston or Battledore in Kingston for a wide selection of pre-loved books, CDs, DVDs and vinyl. You can also visit Kingston Bookshop for all things books, stationery, electronics and gift items. If you’re looking for something more modern then Allison Goodsell Books offers new, used and rare books for sale in every category imaginable.

Whichever store you choose to shop at, you’re sure to find something special from the Collection of Rare and Vintage Books!

Store Hours and Location

Kingston Bookshop Ltd. is a Caribbean bookseller and stationery retailer that has been serving customers since 1974. The store currently has 8 locations spread across Kingston, Jamaica. The head office is located at 74 King Street, Kingston, and the other stores can be found at 70b King Street, 74 King Street Shop 2, Post Office 70B King Street, Boulevard Shopping Centre, Shop# 6 and Pavilion Mall – Shop 23.

The store’s hours are Tuesday 9:00am – 5:00pm. For more information or to get in contact with the store please call 876-922-7016 or email them directly.

Customer Service Policies

At Kingston Bookshop, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. We strive to exceed your expectations through our knowledgeable staff, efficient processes and excellent delivery times. Our customer service policies ensure that each customer is treated with respect and that their needs are met in a timely manner.

We have a team of experienced representatives available to assist you with any queries or requests you may have. Whether it be tracking an order, making adjustments or replacements or ordering large quantities of a particular item, our team is here to help! You can contact us via telephone at 876-922-7016 or by emailing

We also offer services such as business profiles on Jamaica Index and electronic gadgets through Ingram Publisher Services for customers located in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region. Our aim is to provide creative and innovative products while offering exceptional customer service. We look forward to helping you find the perfect product for yourself or loved one!

In Store Reading Room

The Kingston Bookshop offers an inviting and comfortable in-store reading room for visitors to enjoy. Our reading rooms are perfect for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life and discovering new books. Whether you’re looking for something to get lost in or a quiet place to study, our reading rooms provide a tranquil atmosphere that make it the ideal spot. Plus, with our knowledgeable staff on hand, they’re able to help find the perfect book for you. Come by and explore our selection today!

Online Shopping Options

Shopping for books, stationery, electronics and gifts is now easier than ever! Kingston Bookshop Ltd offers a wide variety of products from their 8 stores across Kingston, Jamaica. With S2K Commerce – Shopping Cart Sociable and CoolMarket’s online shopping options, customers can shop online quickly with exclusive access to a dynamic online community of fellow learners. Whether it’s textbooks for primary school or religious education for CSEC CXC study guides, Kingston Bookshop has you covered. Plus, with Christmas right around the corner there’s no need to worry about presents; Kingston Bookshop has a wide selection of gifts for the kids in your life! Shop both instore and online to experience the convenience that Kingston Bookshop Limited provides.

Gift Card and Discount Programs

Gift cards and discount programs are a great way to save money when shopping. Kingston Bookshop offers gift cards that can be used to purchase books, office supplies, and gift items. Customers can also take advantage of a 10% storewide discount when they shop at any KB location or online using the promo code. Additionally, Caribbean Airlines is offering cheap tickets and low fares with extra legroom and comfort, free meals and in-flight entertainment.

Shop Canada’s biggest bookstore – Sangster’s Book Store – for bestselling books, toys, fashion, home décor stationery, electronics and more! Plus receive free shipping on orders over $50. Be sure to check out their discounted merchandise (red tags) or gift cards for even greater savings.

No matter where you choose to shop, there are great deals available with the use of gift cards and discount programs. Take advantage of these special offers today!

Sign Up for a Loyalty Card Program

Signing up for a loyalty card program is a great way to save money and get rewards. By using your loyalty card at Kingston Bookshop, you can enjoy discounts and earn cash back or NCB Miles. The Fontana Rewards Card® can be used to unlock everyday savings while the GraceKennedy Value Rewards Loyalty program offers even more rewards.

To sign up for these programs, simply fill out the form available on the website or visit a store. Once registered, use your loyalty card when you make purchases at Kingston Bookshop to start earning rewards. When swiped more than three times within 24 hours, authorization from a manager may be required.

By signing up for one of these programs, you can enjoy exclusive deals and discounts as well as free books or Oxford Reference Books with every purchase! Enjoy all the benefits Kingston Bookshop has to offer with their loyalty card program!

Support Local Authors

Supporting local authors is essential to keeping the literary arts alive and thriving in your community. From small bookstores to big publishers, readers should make an effort to purchase books written by homegrown authors. Not only does it help keep their work in circulation, but it also ensures that the unique voice of each writer is heard. Here are a few reasons why you should support local authors:

1. Boosts the Local Economy – Buying books from local authors helps stimulate the economy by providing money directly back into your community. This money can then be reinvested into other businesses, creating a positive ripple effect for everyone involved.

2. Celebrates Local Culture – A great way to learn more about a particular region is through its literature; supporting local authors can help foster appreciation for your area’s culture and diversity of experiences.

3. Connects Readers with Writers – Supporting local writers gives readers a chance to connect with them and ask questions about their work or offer feedback on how they could improve future projects. It also provides an opportunity for aspiring writers to learn from established ones and gain insight into what it takes to become successful in the literary world.

4. Encourages New Talent – By investing in local talent, you’re helping ensure that new voices will continue being heard in the future. This can help cultivate fresh ideas and perspectives that may otherwise not be represented if there wasn’t a supportive network of readers behind them cheering them on!


In conclusion, Kingston Bookshop is the Caribbean’s leading supplier of quality educational books and other items. With its flagship store located in downtown Kingston, it provides customers with a variety of books, stationery, electronics and gift items to choose from. Moreover, their knowledgeable team is always available to answer any questions or queries that customers may have. Kingston Bookshop also offers competitive prices and reliable shipping services so customers can be sure they are getting the best value for money when shopping with them. With an easy-to-use website and secure payment system, it’s no wonder why Kingston Bookshop is one of the most popular bookstores in the Caribbean.