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Are you looking for information about the police station in Spanish Town? Do you want to know what services it offers and how to contact them? If so, this blog post is for you! Here, we’ll provide an overview of the Spanish Town police station, along with all the important details you need to know.


Spanish Town Police Station is a police station located in Spanish Town, Jamaica. It is situated on Burke Road, just a few blocks away from the town centre. The building was originally the site of a Jewish Synagogue, and has been converted into a modern police station.

The primary aim of the station is to provide protection and safety for the people living in and around Spanish Town. The station’s officers are dedicated to maintaining law and order, responding promptly to calls for help, and keeping the streets safe. In addition to its policing duties, the Spanish Town Police Station also provides community services such as education programmes and crime prevention initiatives.

Cabinet has approved the acquisition of five acres of land located at Darling’s Pen for the construction of a new prison facility which will be managed by Spanish Town Police Station officers. Furthermore, improvements have been made to the cell block in order to ensure more humane conditions for detainees.

At present there are 179 police stations listed in this directory with phone numbers provided for each one. If you need assistance from Spanish Town Police Station you can contact them on (876) 984-2305.

History of Spanish Town Police Station

History of Spanish Town Police Station

The Spanish Town Police Station is located in the city of Spanish Town, Jamaica and has a rich history that dates back to 1845. Originally, the site was home to a Jewish synagogue but eventually became the site of the police station. The entire structure is covered with a long zinc hip roof and features an impressive facade with multiple windows.

In 1992, all passenger services in Jamaica abruptly ceased, causing the railway station in Spanish Town to close down as well. Today, the police station is still active and plays an important role in keeping their community safe. They are currently seeking public assistance to reunite 11-year-old Kay Wesie with her family after she was found wandering near the station.

The Spanish Town Police Station can be reached by phone at 984-3164 or fax 8769448242 for any inquiries or assistance needed regarding Kay Wesie or any other matters related to safety and security within their jurisdiction.

Services Offered by the Station

Spanish Town Police Station offers a variety of services to protect and serve the community. Services include patrolling neighborhoods, responding to emergencies, enforcing laws, and providing assistance to crime victims. The station also provides help with civil matters such as restraining orders or missing persons. The station’s officers offer advice and training on personal safety, crime prevention, and victim awareness. Spanish Town Police Station also organizes activities for the public such as community events, neighborhood watch programs, and school visits. Furthermore, the station has dedicated personnel available to provide counseling services in areas such as alcohol abuse or domestic violence.

Contact Details for the Spanish Town Police Station

The Spanish Town Police Station is located at 3-5 Burke Rd, Spanish Town, Jamaica. The station can be contacted by phone on (876) 984-2305.

At the Spanish Town Police Station you can report a crime, receive assistance from law enforcement officers and get advice about safety issues. They also provide services such as traffic control, law enforcement training and community outreach programs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding safety in the area, then this is the place to go for help. The station has a receptionist who can answer your queries and provide you with further information about their services.

You can find up-to-date information about Spanish Town Police Station on their website or social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter. There are currently 179 stations in this directory which provide various services to the community including road safety and other related activities such as emergency response teams and patrols.

Whether you need help with a criminal matter or just want some advice on how to stay safe in the area, then make sure to contact the Spanish Town Police Station today!

Working Hours of The Station

The Spanish Town Police Station is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be contacted by calling 984-3164 or sending a fax to 8769130202. The station is located at 3-5 Burke Rd, Spanish Town, Jamaica. For more information about the services they offer or other nearby police stations, contact them or visit their website at

Public Complaints and Inquiries

Public complaints and inquiries are an important part of ensuring law enforcement is held to the highest standards. Complaints and inquiries can be filed with the police department, or with independent agencies such as the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM). Public complaints and inquiries can focus on a variety of issues such as allegations of abuse or misconduct by police officers, fraud, or events that take place in public areas.

When filing a complaint or inquiry about any issue related to law enforcement, it is important to provide as much detail as possible. Information such as dates, times and locations will help the investigating agency better understand what happened. It is also important to provide contact information in case further information is needed from you.

When filing a complaint with the police department, it is important to make sure that your complaint has been received and acknowledged. The police department should provide you with a reference number for your complaint so that you can track its progress if needed. When filing a complaint with INDECOM, you will be asked for personal information so that they may contact you regarding your complaint if necessary.

If you have information or evidence related to an ongoing investigation by either the police department or INDECOM then it is important to make sure this evidence is provided in a timely manner so that it can be used effectively during their investigations.

Overall, public complaints and inquiries are an essential part of helping ensure law enforcement remains accountable and transparent – both vital elements in maintaining order within society today!

Crime Prevention Strategies

Crime prevention strategies are essential for ensuring safety and security in our communities. The Government of Jamaica has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce the opportunity for particular criminal acts and violence problems. These include the Community Empowerment and Transformation (COMET), Community Security Initiative (CSI), Citizen Security and the National Crime Prevention Program.

One of these initiatives is a mobile police station in Tredegar Park, Spanish Town, which allows residents to walk freely and conduct their business without fear of crime. Additionally, having led police teams at Mobile Reserve, Spanish Town, and at the Constant Spring Police Station, locked doors have been installed for added security.

The UNODC has also developed guidelines for crime prevention strategies based on Margaret Shaw’s work. These strategies focus on five strategic priorities: 1) Prevention and Reduction of Serious Violent and Organized Crime; 2) Strengthening Intelligence Gathering; 3) Enhancing Community Policing; 4) Strengthening Investigation Capabilities; 5) Enhancing Prosecution Capabilities.

By implementing these crime prevention strategies, we can create safer communities where people can feel secure when walking around or conducting business without worrying about criminal activity or violence.

Community Outreach Programs at The Station

The Spanish Town Police Station is dedicated to providing the best possible services and programs to its community. As part of this mission, the station has developed several outreach programs designed to keep the public safe and informed.

One of these initiatives is focused on reuniting missing persons with their families. Recently, the police sought assistance from the public in locating 11-year-old Kay Wesie who had been reported missing. Additionally, they are still searching for the family of Hyacinth Walker who was found wandering and taken to a police station.

The station also received approval from Cabinet for purchasing five acres of land located at Darling’s Pen in Spanish Town for construction purposes. This project is being supported by Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) which works towards improving social infrastructure and promoting safety with business communities.

In addition to these initiatives, The Jamaica Constabulary Force has donated over a million dollars to NGOs in St Catherine North Division. This money will be used to provide residents with better access to healthcare such as dental care, pharmacy, district public health inspectors, mental health services, and administrative support.

Finally, The Spanish Town Police Station is committed to arresting any police officers associated with criminal gangs or activities that put their community at risk. This includes identifying officers who have betrayed their oaths of duty by joining criminal gangs and prosecuting them accordingly.

Volunteers at The Station

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Volunteering at Spanish Town Police Station is a great way to do just that. Volunteers represent a broad range of ages, backgrounds, and experience levels who offer their time and effort to support the local law enforcement efforts. From refurbishing police stations, lock ups and schools to offering assistance in reuniting missing persons with their families, volunteers can do their part to help the community.

The Volunteer Impact Program (VIPS) is just one example of the positive work that volunteers can provide. This program provides support for the Miramar Police Department’s crime prevention initiatives while giving individuals invaluable insights into our city’s law enforcement operations.

On Labour Day (May 23rd), Minister Clarke joined scores of volunteers from ON volunteer corps who laboured to enhance police stations and other facilities across 14 communities in Jamaica. VM staff members came from Linstead, Spanish Town and May Pen with The Whithorn Police Station being the main focus of attention for the day.

Volunteers are always needed at Spanish Town Police Station and those interested should contact them directly at (876) 703-0522 or 43 Cumberland Road, Spanish Town for further details on how to get involved. Make a difference today and be the change you want to see in your community!

Officer Training and Education Programs

The Jamaica Constabulary Force provides a wide range of officer training and education programs that are designed to help officers improve their knowledge and skills. The Initial Officer Training Programme (IOTP) is a six month residential course that provides basic military officer training to Officer Cadets (OCdts) and their equivalents from law enforcement. The program consists of classroom and hands-on instruction, with each session lasting for three hours per week. Inmates and wards of the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) have also benefited from this program as 17 Correctional Officers recently completed the training.

To ensure that officers are well prepared for their roles, the Jamaica Police Academy offers various courses such as police studies, leadership development, crime prevention strategies, emergency response techniques, firearms safety and use, legal aspects of policing, etc. The academy also provides ongoing support through refresher courses in order to keep officers up-to-date on new developments in law enforcement. To contact the Jamaica Police Academy directly please call (876) 984-3858 or visit them at Spanish Town.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force’s commitment to providing excellent training opportunities ensures that police officers are well equipped to serve the people of Jamaica safely and efficiently.

Accomplishments of The Spanish Town Police Station

The Spanish Town Police Station is an important part of Jamaica’s history and culture. It has been providing law enforcement and security services for the area since the 1700s. Over the years, the station has made it a priority to improve its services, facilities and training programs in order to better serve its citizens. The accomplishments of the Spanish Town Police Station include:

• Established a Community Policing Program that encourages local citizens to form partnerships with police officers to reduce crime in the area.

• Installed state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance cameras throughout Spanish Town, which have helped prevent hundreds of criminal acts from taking place in the area.

• Developed a Crime Prevention Unit dedicated to educating residents on safety tips, helping them learn how to protect themselves against crime, and working with local businesses on crime prevention strategies.

• Organized several community events such as Neighborhood Watch meetings, Summer Camps for Kids, and Safety Workshops for Teens & Adults.

• Created an Emergency Response Team that responds quickly and efficiently during major emergencies or disasters in order to help keep people safe and secure.

Staffing and Resources Available at The Station

The Spanish Town Police Station is staffed and equipped to best serve the citizens of Spanish Town and its surrounding areas. The station employs a variety of officers, including police officers, detectives, administrative personnel, and support staff. The station also has a variety of resources available to assist in providing professional law enforcement services to the community.

Officers at the station are trained in all aspects of policing with a focus on professionalism, respect for human rights, and service-oriented law enforcement practices. Officers are also trained in crime prevention tactics such as patrolling local neighborhoods and responding to calls for assistance from residents. Detectives specialize in solving crimes through investigation techniques such as interrogations and evidence collection. Administrative personnel provide support for investigations by managing records and assisting with paperwork related to complaints or arrests made by officers.

In addition to police personnel, the station also has a number of resources available for use by officers or members of the public. These include access to a digital booking system which allows suspects arrested at the station to be processed more quickly; a secure video conferencing system which allows remote interrogation sessions; an online reporting system which allows members of the public to file complaints directly with the police; and access to a variety of specialized equipment such as breathalyzers and speed measuring devices.

The Spanish Town Police Station is committed to providing professional law enforcement services that meet or exceed all standards set forth by governing bodies. We strive for excellence in our work so that residents can feel safe in their communities knowing that we are here when they need us most.

Visiting the Spanish Town Police Station

Visiting the Spanish Town Police Station is a great way to gain insight into how law enforcement works in Jamaica. Located on Burke Road, this police station offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about crime prevention and law enforcement practices in the area. The site of the old police station was originally a Jewish Synagogue, giving an interesting historical context to the location. To reach it, travelers will need to travel 17 km from Above Rocks Irish Town and 3 km from Barrett Hall. Visitors can also book a nearby hotel if needed. Once at Spanish Town Police Station, visitors have access to various services including emergency response and traffic control. This police station provides an invaluable resource for locals and tourists alike and is worth a visit for anyone interested in learning more about policing in Jamaica.


The Spanish Town Police Station is an important part of the community, providing essential services to citizens in the area. The station has been in need of repairs for some time and it is now clear that those repairs are necessary for the station to continue to provide reliable service. Minister Phillip’s decision to open a new $17 million National Stadium Police Station at Independence Park is welcomed by all. It shows that he understands the importance of this station and is making an effort to ensure it continues to serve its purpose. Furthermore, reports from the Spanish Town Police indicate that Mr. Campbell was last seen in February, which further highlights the importance of this station and its personnel. Finally, police personnel assigned to Spanish Town police station have made it their mission to keep their community safe and secure, and they can be contacted via phone at 984-3164 or fax for any queries or concerns related to safety in the area.