What is the Biggest Parish in Jamaica

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Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation with a population of about 2.9 million people and fourteen parishes, each with its own unique culture and customs. In this blog post, we will explore the largest parish in Jamaica and what makes it so special.

Introduction to Jamaica’s Parishes

Jamaica is an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. It is divided into three counties – Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey – which are further subdivided into 14 parishes. These parishes provide the main units of local government for Jamaican citizens.

The largest parish by area is St Ann, with 1,192 km2 of land. This is closely followed by St Elizabeth, with 1,212 km2 of land. The two are separated by a difference of only 1 square kilometer! Portland Jamaica is 815.06 sq km and known as the “green parish” due to its lush vegetation and natural beauty.

St Andrew and St Thomas are located on the eastern side of the island with St Mary to the west. In 1902, Christiana Potato Growers Association was formed in this parish and it continues to produce a large amount of Jamaica’s Irish potato crop today.

The other parishes that make up this beautiful island nation include Kingston, Trelawny, Clarendon, Manchester, Westmoreland and Hanover in Cornwall County; St James in Middlesex County; and St Catherine in Surrey County. Each parish has its own unique attractions such as beaches or historical sites that contribute to Jamaica’s rich culture and vibrant history.

What is the Largest Parish in Jamaica?

St. Ann is the largest parish in Jamaica, located on the island’s north coast. It is named for Lady Anne Hyde, the first wife of King Charles II of England, and has an area of 1,212 square kilometers.

The parish is known for its stunning natural beauty, with lush tropical forests, picturesque beaches and winding rivers that are perfect for exploration.

St. Ann also offers plenty of cultural attractions such as historical sites from colonial times and modern-day restaurants serving delicious local cuisine.

The capital city of St. Ann Parish is Ocho Rios, which is a popular tourist destination due to its idyllic beachfront setting and abundance of activities such as shopping and sightseeing.

Other notable towns in the parish include Runaway Bay and Discovery Bay – both offering a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy. All in all, St. Ann Parish truly has something for everyone!

Location and Size of the Largest Parish in Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island made up of 14 parishes. Of these, the largest parish is St Ann which covers an area of 1,212 square kilometers.

Located on the eastern side of the island, with St Mary to the west and St Andrew and St Thomas to the south, this parish has a population of 573,369 according to 2019 estimates.

It has several towns and cities including Brown’s Town, Discovery Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Maria and Runaway Bay.

St Catherine is Jamaica’s second largest parish with an area of 815 sq km. This parish includes Kingston – Jamaica’s capital city – as well as Spanish Town, Linstead and Old Harbour. Clarendon Jamaica is third in terms of size with 1196 square km while Portland Jamaica is fourth with 815 sq km.

Each parish in Jamaica has its own capital or principal town which serves as the administrative center for that region. Some of these include Montego Bay (St James), Falmouth (Trelawny), Mandeville (Manchester) and May Pen (Clarendon).

History of the Biggest Parish in Jamaica

History of the Biggest Parish in Jamaica

The parish of St Ann is the largest in Jamaica, edging out St Elizabeth by a difference of only 1 square kilometer. It was one of the first places Christopher Columbus landed in 1494 during his second voyage to the New World.

The parish is named for Lady Anne Hyde, the first wife of King Charles II of England. St Catherine, located on Jamaica’s south east coast and capitalising Spanish Town, is the second largest parish and was formed in 1534.

It is currently part of Middlesex county and has an area of 815.06 sq km. Portland Jamaica is third with an area of 1,212.4 square kilometers while St Mary and St Andrew located on the island’s west situate fourth and fifth respectively.

St Ann remains today as Jamaica’s largest parish with its lush landscapes, historical sites and amazing beaches making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean region.

From its beautiful coastline to its rolling hillsides and dense forests this parish offers plenty for visitors to explore including Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios Bay Beach Park and Columbus Park which marks Columbus’ landing site at Discovery Bay 500 years ago.

Climate and Vegetation of the Biggest Parish in Jamaica

Jamaica’s largest parish, Saint Elizabeth, is situated in the southwest of the island in the county of Cornwall. The capital city of Black River is known for its bauxite, agriculture and livestock production.

Although it is Jamaica’s sixth largest parish, it is often referred to as ‘The Garden Parish’ due its beautiful mountainous landscape and cool climate.

Small-scale farmers are particularly vulnerable to hydro-meteorological hazards and must be targeted when implementing interventions to mitigate impacts.

The vegetation in Saint Elizabeth consists mainly of coffee plantations which became the main crop after sugar cane cultivation was found unsuitable due to the terrain. Other crops grown include bananas, yams, sweet potatoes and coconuts.

The parish also has a wide variety of wildlife including birds such as parrots and hummingbirds, reptiles such as lizards and snakes, mammals like rabbits and mongooses and amphibians like frogs and salamanders.

This rich ecological diversity makes Saint Elizabeth an attractive destination for eco-tourism activities like bird watching or hikes through the rainforest.

Population Characteristics of the Biggest Parish in Jamaica

Population Characteristics of the Biggest Parish in Jamaica

Jamaica is an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. The largest parish by population size in Jamaica is Saint Andrew, with a population of 572,146 people as of 2017.

This parish accounts for 20.99% of the total population of the country and is home to its capital city, Kingston. Kingston has a population of 937,700 and is a major commercial seaport.

The second largest parish in Jamaica is Saint Catherine. It was formed in 1534 and named after Queen Catherine of Portugal, wife to Charles II of Spain.

St Catherine has an area of 1,192 km2 and its population size was estimated at 149,907 people as of 2017.

It has seen rapid growth due to large manufacturing industries present there and it contains Jamaica’s second largest city Spanish Town (formerly Jago de la Vega).

Westmoreland has the third largest population size in Jamaica with 143,966 people as per the estimates in 2017.

Columbus’ first impression about this parish was that “there were so many people” due to its bustling towns and villages along the coastlines.

Westmoreland also contains some notable tourist attractions such as Negril Beach and Seven Mile Beach which brings many tourists every year from all over the world.

Manchester follows Westmoreland with 189,691 inhabitants as per 2017 estimates making it Jamaica’s fourth most populous parish .

Manchester boasts several attractions including Mandeville Botanical Garden, Kendal Great House,The Manchester Golf Course & Country Club among others .

All these features make Manchester popular among tourists who visit this vibrant place every year .

In conclusion, Saint Andrew remains Jamaica’s biggest parish by population with 572

Cultural Activities and Events of the Biggest Parish in Jamaica

The Parish of Saint Ann is the biggest parish in Jamaica and it has a lot to offer for visitors looking for cultural activities and events. From music, to local fishing and culture, you can find a number of exciting experiences here.

The Cockpit Country is an area in west-central Jamaica that is known for its natural beauty and interesting history.

Every year, the award-winning pieces of the Jamaica Creative Writing Competition are showcased across all 14 parishes between November 21st and December 2nd.

In addition, there are other festivals such as Reggae Month which takes place in February every year.

This event celebrates some of the greatest reggae artists from around the world while giving young talent a chance to be heard.

The College for Visual and Performing Arts also hosts various art exhibitions throughout the year where visitors can appreciate some of Jamaica’s best artistic talent.

There are plenty of things to do here whether you’re looking for something cultural or just want to relax on one of its beautiful beaches. St Ann Parish has something special for everyone!

Economy and Infrastructure of the Biggest Parish in Jamaica

St. Andrew is the largest parish in Jamaica both in terms of area and population. Situated within the county of Surrey, it lies north, west and east of Kingston and stretches into 1,192 km2 of land.

The parish has a thriving economy fueled by its tourism industry, bauxite mining, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors.

Tourism is now the country’s largest earner and St. Andrew plays a major role in this sector with its abundance of tourist attractions such as Dunn’s River Falls, the Bob Marley Museum, Port Royal Beach and more.

This parish also offers some of the best shopping experiences in Jamaica with many malls located across Kingston plus numerous street vendors selling local goods throughout the city center.

The other major economic activities include bauxite mining which helps to fuel Jamaica’s aluminum industry; agriculture which provides for food production; and manufacturing which supports products such as clothing and furniture for both domestic use and export markets.

In addition to its vibrant economy, St Andrew also has an excellent infrastructure network including roads that link up to other parishes on the island as well as ports in Kingston Harbor that facilitate both national trade and international shipping.

The government has put considerable effort into developing modern transportation systems such as highways, railways, airports and ferries that help move people around safely while providing efficient access to all parts of Jamaica including remote areas where rural development projects are being undertaken.

Tourist Attractions Within The Largest Parish In Jamaica

Tourist Attractions Within The Largest Parish In Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful and vibrant country that is full of amazing tourist attractions. The largest parish in Jamaica is St. Anne, which boasts an array of attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Dunn’s River Falls and Park is one of the most popular spots in St. Anne, and it offers breathtaking views and plenty of opportunities for swimming, climbing and exploring the lush landscape.

Other attractions include the Milk River Bath in Clarendon, Martha Brae River Rafting, Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay, Negril Westmoreland Beach, Devon House in Kingston, and more!

No matter what type of vacation you’re dreaming of, there are numerous attractions within the largest parish in Jamaica that will help make your trip truly memorable.

Education Opportunities In The Largest Parrish In Jamaica

Jamaica is home to a wealth of educational opportunities in its largest parish, St. Ann.

Located on the north coast of the island, St. Ann offers its residents access to a range of schools, colleges and universities that are committed to providing quality education and preparing their students for future success.

At the primary and secondary school level, St. Ann is home to several top-notch private schools such as Kingsway Preparatory School, Mount Alvernia Academy, Mona Prep School and others.

These schools offer students a rigorous curriculum in areas such as mathematics, science, language arts and more that prepares them for higher education after graduation.

St. Ann also has several renowned universities including University College of the Caribbean (UCC), University of Technology Jamaica (UTech) and Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

These institutions provide students with courses in areas such as business administration, computer science and engineering that can help prepare them for careers after graduation or further study abroad if desired.

In addition to these brick-and-mortar institutions, St Ann also provides access to online learning opportunities through various platforms such as Coursera and edX which allow students to stay up-to-date with their studies while they go about their daily lives at home or work remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Overall, St Ann offers residents a variety of educational opportunities both online and offline that can help prepare them for success no matter what field they may choose in life!


Jamaica is an island country located in the West Indies, and is composed of 14 parishes. Saint Ann is the largest parish in Jamaica, extending over 459.7 square miles or 1,190 square kilometres.

Kingston and St Andrew are the most populous parishes, with Portmore coming in a close third if decoupled.

There is great diversity of socio-cultural conditions among children and persons with disabilities in Jamaica which should be taken into consideration when making decisions about social policies.