Jamaica Cash Pot Game With Number Meaning Charts

The Jamaica Cash Pot is a fun way to earn money that anybody can enjoy. You are going to enjoy this exciting lottery game which is easy to play as well as offers you great prizes in case you win. The Jamaica Cash Pot is a game that will help you make extra cash and we will be looking at what how it works.

What is Jamaica Cash Pot?

What is Jamaica Cash Pot

The Jamaica Cash Pot lottery is a game provided by Supreme Ventures, a leading gaming and entertainment company. The game is played 6 times each day at 8:30am, 10:30am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm and 8:25pm.

Players of Jamaica Cash Pot pick one or more numbers from which to make bets of a minimum $10 JMD. The player receives a stake of up to $265 JMD per game if the selected numbers match the drawn Cash Pot number.

Supreme Ventures also provides a special Cash Pot Mega Ball “version of the game which enables players to win bigger jackpots if they match all 6 selected numbers to those drawn in the Cash Pot draw.

The most recent results for Jamaica Cash Pot can be found on the Supreme Ventures site and will remain the same each day till modified by the company.

How to Play Jamaica Cash Pot

How to Play Jamaica Cash Pot

Players are required to choose their lucky number(s) from 1 to 36 with a minimum bet of $10. Matching the one number drawn for the respective drawing will result in a win of $260.

Additionally, Cash Pot Earlybird is also available from Monday to Sunday with one main ball drawn from a drum of balls numbered 1 to 15.

Alongside the numbers players can also bet on Minor Meanings such as Donkey, Chicken, Sweeping, Anything; Big To Borrow Judge Committing; Murder Seasoning Donkey; 5000 and 000 – as well as CashPot and Live it Play All bets made by a person for a day (12:00 am – 11:59 pm) will be printed out and placed in a basket for the draw results which can be seen on their website after each draw.

Cash Pot Number Meaning Chart

Jamaica Cash Pot Winning Numbers

The Supreme Ventures Jamaica site has a listing of all the contests and the winning numbers. You are able to go to the Cash Pot results page and also register for updates by clicking “subscribe” on the site.

Individuals that put a bet of $10 JMD on the Cash Pot game will receive an extra bonus Ball known as the cash Pot Mega ball, that will boost their likelihood of winning a lot more cash. And so do not miss your opportunity to win the Jamaica Cash Pot jackpot!

Jamaica Cash Pot Prizes

You could win as much as $500,000 JMD in cash in case you match the one number drawn for the respective drawing. And Any prize between $500,001 JMD and $999,999 JMD is going to be paid via bank transfer at any of the locations listed on their site. In case you additionally choose the Mega Ball as the drawer, you can win a Cash prize of $ 960 for every $10 bet.

For more information about Jamaica Cash Pot Prizes and how to play the game, check out Supreme Ventures’ official website. Here you can find all relevant information about rules and winning numbers for each draw date and draw number. Good luck!

Tips for Playing Jamaica Cash Pot

In the event that you wish to win Cash prizes, then playing Jamaica money Pot would be really a fun and thrilling game to play. Utilizing some basic strategies are going to help you boost your likelihood of winning. What you must know about Jamaica Cash Pot:

  1. Find out the figures of the Cash Pot. You are able to examine trends & discover which numbers were drawn more frequently previously, because each number has a particular frequency.
  2. Bet cautiously. Bets placed on several numbers must be spread out instead of only one number at any given time. This will give you a much better chance of winning. This can allow you to deal with much more possible winning combinations, while still remaining within your budget.
  3. You may even search for incentives and promotions offered by online Cash and bookmakers Pot retailers. A number of retailers will provide special deals on purchases of large amounts, so you have to be on the lookout for these offers.
  4. The Mega Cash Pot number is additionally essential! Initiating this special number will considerably increase your likelihood of winning bigger prizes if that number is drawn during the draw for an extra ten dollars.
  5. Having buddies or family members who also participate in the Jamaica Cash Pot is going to improve your chances. In case you pool your resources, you are able to boost your odds of matching multiple combination winners by pooling them together.

Where to Buy Tickets for Jamaica Cash Pot

You can purchase tickets for Jamaica Cash Pot from any of the Supreme Ventures retail outlets across the country. The outlets are branded and easily distinguishable for added convenience.

The Odds of Winning the Jackpot in Jamaica Cash Pot

The odds of winning the jackpot in Jamaica Cash Pot are 1 in 36. This makes it the lottery with the best odds of winning a big prize, compared to other lotteries.

Players can bet $10 on each draw for a chance to win up to $260, or they can place an additional $10 bet on the Mega Ball for a chance to win up to $700 and also have the chance of winning the 1 GUARANTEED $1 MILLION PRIZE.

With its low odds and potentially huge rewards, Jamaica Cash Pot is certainly worth playing!

Strategies for Increasing Your Chances of Winning

Strategies for Increasing Your Chances of Winning

You can increase your chances of winning the Earlybird Jamaica Cash Pot draw by using a couple of easy strategies.

To begin with, you must become familiar with the rules and regulations and know how the game will work. It is possible to boost your chances of winning if you know the rules of the game.

One particular technique is to play a number of tickets in each draw. This raises your odds of winning a prize , more than one of the numbers drawn to yours.

Then there is the issue of trends and how you ought to play those numbers. When playing Cash Pot Earlybird, you may wish to choose certain numbers more frequently compared to others if you find certain numbers drawn frequently.

In addition, there are reports from individuals who have obtained better results by using a method which combines hot and cold numbers. You need to never give up hope when it comes to playing the lottery, as luck always plays a part in it.

The Benefits of Playing at the Lottery Outlets in Jamaica

You can easily make extra money by playing the lottery at any of the many lottery halls in Jamaica.

Players are able to select between Cash Pot and Lucky 5, with more than 1.8 million plays every week.

Players have an opportunity to win up to 600,000 dollars each game and the odds are excellent at 3 or 1. In addition, with special features such as Double the Prize and Mega Ball you could very well boost your winnings even more!

It is also good business for the retailers that sell the lottery tickets. Lotto fans can sign up for an authorized lotto store and win a huge selection of dollars in cash and fifteen prizes on each ticket purchased.

And since they have absolutely no control over the numbers being played, so every person is bound to be a winner!

Consequently, it can be a good idea to make the most of the numerous lottery draws in Jamaica to be able to earn some extra cash. Increase your chances of winning even more by using the best strategy!

How To Check If You Have Won a Prize in Jamaica Cash Pot

To check a ticket, players have various options. Players may scan their tickets on the ticket scan machine (at selected retailers) or ask the terminal operator to check the ticket. Winning numbers are also available on the Supreme Ventures website, and mobile app within 15 minutes of each draw.

How To Claim Your Prize If You Win In Jamaica Cash Pot

How To Claim Your Prize If You Win In Jamaica Cash Pot

If you’ve won a Jamaica Cash Pot prize, congratulations! Claiming your winnings is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

Before you visit any claim center to claim a prize,  you need to sign the back of your original ticket. A lottery ticket is a bearer instrument until signed. The ticket,  is required for all claims, so don’t forget it. Also, for prizes of JMD 54,999 or more, you will need a valid Government Issued Identification (Passport, Drivers License, Voters ID).

  1. Take the winning ticket at any authorized Regional Prize Center or Jamaica Cash Pot retailer.
  2. If asked, supply a valid identification with the retailer representative.
  3. Get fast payment for prizes up to 300,000 (JMD). If you win a larger prize, payment is going to be made within 90 days of the draw.
  4. The winner has 90 days to claim his or her prize, right after the draw was conducted. They are not eligible for collection after this point and may not receive any prizes or payments for their ticket purchase.
  • Prizes up to J$500,000 can be paid via cash or wire transfer from any of our Retail Centers for all Supreme Ventures Products. (i. e. Lotteries, Sports Betting, VLT, Horse Racing)
  • Prizes above J$500,001 up to J$999,999 will be paid via wire transfer from any of our Retail Centers.
  • In the event a customer does not have a commercial bank account, approval by an SVL representative must be granted.
  • Prizes up to J$100,000 can be claimed at and paid in cash by any authorized Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited Supreme Ventures Retailer Centres and Agents. (i.e. Lotteries)

Remember that all winners must present valid proof of identification in order to claim any prize amounts that exceed $300,000 (JMD). If you need assistance with claiming your prize or have any questions related to Jamaica Cash Pot, please contact Customer Support at 1-888-991-2990 for assistance.


Wrapping up, the Jamaica Cash Pot game is really an exciting and fun way to win money and have a great time while testing your luck.

This game is really simple to master and follow, and it can provide you with hours of fun and entertainment.

The game has grown to be incredibly popular in Jamaica and beyond due to the sizable payout potential. There’s a lot more excitement and the chance to win bigger prizes with the addition of the Cash Pot Plus and SuperCash Pot.