What Does Pree Mean in Jamaican ?

The term “pree” may have been used in conversation if you’ve ever traveled to Jamaica or spoken with Jamaicans.

But exactly what does it imply? Understanding the meaning of the word “pree” in Jamaican patois is essential for comprehending the country’s culture and language.

What Does Pree Mean in Jamaican Patois?

“Pree” is a verb in Jamaican patois that means “to look at” or “to check out.” It is frequently utilized when evaluating a situation or someone’s appearance. “I am just checking out that girl,” for instance, can be translated as “Mi just a pree di gyal deh.”

How is Pree used in Jamaican Culture?

The word “pree” is frequently used in Jamaican culture to be playful or flirtatious. “Mi pree yuh good,” which translates to “I’m checking you out good,” is a common phrase. It is also possible to use it in a more serious setting, such as “Mi pree di ting deh,” which means “I’m checking out the situation.”

What are the Similar words to Pree in Jamaican?

In Jamaican patois, words like “scope,” which also means to look at or check out something, and “size up,” which means to evaluate someone or something, are similar to “pree.”

Can Pree be used in a negative context?

The term “pree” can be used in a negative context as well as in a playful or harmless manner. For instance, the phrase “I don’t acknowledge him” or “I don’t pay attention to him” can be translated as “Mi no pree him.” It can also be used to describe someone in a negative way who is always looking at things or people around them.


In wrapping up, comprehending the meaning and context of “pree” in Jamaican culture is essential for comprehending the patois language and Jamaican culture’s nuances.

It can be used in a negative or playful way, as well as in a playful or flirtatious way. In order to communicate effectively with Jamaicans, it is essential to be aware of the various meanings and applications of the word “pree.”